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Tool shop

Stamping tool

We produce progressive tools up to a weight of 3t with external dimensions up to 1500 mm. A threaded unit with adjustable bending angles can be inserted in the tool.

Welding tools

Robotic welding tools reach dimensions of 2000×1000 mm. The tool can be equipped with pneumatic cylinders for clamping and moving the trolleys, with presence sensors and the possibility of electrically connecting the cabinet to the standard connector of the robotic arm.

Other tools

In our tool shop we produce various custom tools for a number of technical industries.


Complete solutions

In addition to individual services, we offer complete solutions by bringing your conceptual design all the way to the final product. Our responsibility presupposes meticulously crafted steps that lead to the desired goal.

  • The customer’s idea is followed by a project study.
  • We draw all the necessary documentation, which is the basis for a quality tool.
  • We determine the manufacturing technology and anticipate all possible manufacturing challenges.
  • We draw the tool.
  • We make the tool within the agreed time.
  • We test the operation of the tool, which ensures the highest quality product.
  • We make a control device that enables real-time product quality control.
  • In our own production we make pieces for you, according to all the requirements of the documentation.
  • We organize all additional work on materials or products (heat treatment and surface protection)
  • We assemble the elements, if the technology provides for it (riveting, welding, screwing…)
  • We pack the product.
  • We deliver the product to the desired location.

All this time of the project we are at your disposal with all the knowledge and available capacities. We are responsive and flexible, equipped with experience and knowledge to be able to offer you the best quality product.