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About us

Company presentation

Year 1981 – the beginning of our family business, where we have been dealing with toolmaking and metalworking since the first day. In all these years, we have become experts in the field of development, design and manufacture of all types of tools for punching and transformation of metal products and semi-finished products, production of preparation and control devices as well as their maintenance. With our own development tools, we manufacture metal products in small and large production series for the electrical and automotive industries and the power electronics industry. We are constantly following new technologies that are an indispensable support to our experiential knowledge. A team of 28 qualified professionals with many years of experience provides you with the highest quality products and offers reliable professional support in the entire process of developing and manufacturing a tool or product.

Quality and environmental policies

The company’s policy is common to all employees. It is a reflection of our personal principles and the principles of the organization, it takes into account the strategy and vision of the company’s development, which has led to the continuous improvement of the quality management system and environmental management.

The main principles of quality policy and environmental management are:

  • continuous provision, monitoring and improvement of the quality of products and services and prevention of non-compliance,
  • following technological innovations on the market, flexibility and consequently maintaining competitiveness,
  • assessing risks and opportunities, monitoring set goals and setting new ones, within the framework of a responsible attitude towards the environment,
  • improving business efficiency and business performance,
  • improving knowledge through training and education to achieve professionalism and versatility of employees,
  • meet customer requirements and maintain genuine relationships with all business processes and activities,
  • maintaining and promoting good communication inside and outside the company,
  • providing a pleasant working environment with satisfied and motivated employees,
  • care for the appropriate ecological behavior of all staff with the realization of the set goals in environmental programs,
  • continuous improvement and modernization of the quality management system through environmental management,
  • informing all employees and other interested public about the Quality and Environmental Management Policy.

Aware of the company’s responsibility and impact on the environment in which we operate, we make strategic decisions aimed at achieving the set goals.

  • The objectives of the quality and environmental management policy are:
  • stable growth and development of the company,
  • achieving business success,
  • maintain the satisfaction of all employees, customers and other stakeholders,
  • the recognisability of the company in the market after an innovative approach to quality services and product manufacturing,
  • winning new strategic partners,
  • establish, maintain and regularly improve an integrated management system, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001,
  • prevention of environmental pollution taking into account the environmental standard


The goal of our operation is a quality product and service, and thus meeting the requirements and expectations of customers. Our concern for achieving excellent quality begins at the project planning stage, with proper selection and input control of the material. Quality is monitored throughout the manufacturing process and shipping on the basis on product output control. For a decade, the basic basis of our quality management has been the ISO standard 9001: 2015, which since 2018 has been accompanied by the ISO standard 14001: 2015.


  • Because we make sure you get the best quality product.
  • Because with us, technical obstacles become a challenge that we always respond to with the best solution.
  • Because we respond and adapt quickly to your wishes.
  • Because we make tools with dimensions up to 2x2m.
  • Because we cover a wide range of knowledge and experience from various fields of technical industries.

A company with a 40-year tradition.